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pdnc 2019


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Welcome to the most awaited freediving event in the Philippines!


Double K


Octopus Freediving

Freediving Store / Alchemy


Garmin Philippines

Octon Watches

3 Diver / Suunto

Department of Tourism Philippines

Dive Philippines

AIDA International

Kataw Freedive and Lifestyle Hub

Freedive Panglao

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Best Overall Performance (Filipino Category)

  • 1st place Male & Female - GOLD

    • ​Bestdive Custom-Made Performance Wetsuit

    • Alchemy V3-30 Carbon Fiber Blades

    • Alchemy HD Fin Bag

    • Garmin Gift Certificate worth 10,000PHP

    • Octon Diver Watch

    • Double K Freediving Bouy Large​​

  • 2nd place Male & Female - SILVER

    • Double K One-piece 2mm SCS Challenge Wetsuit

    • Double K Freediving Bouy Large

    • Octopus Lanyard

    • Octopus Noseclip

    • Octopus EQ Tool​

  • 3rd place Male & Female - BRONZE

    • Molchanovs Performance Hooded Suit

    • Octopus Noseclip

    • Octopus EQ Tool​

Best Discipline (Open Category)

  • Best CWT Male & Female

  • Best CWTB Male & Female

  • Best FIM Male & Female

  • Best CNF Male & Female


Best Overall Newcomer (Filipino Category)

  • 1st place Overall Newcomer Male & Female

  • 2nd place Overall Newcomer Male & Female

  • 3rd place Overall Newcomer Male & Female

Best Discipline Newcomer (Open Category)

  • Best CWT Newcomer Male & Female

  • Best CWTB Newcomer Male & Female

  • Best FIM Newcomer Male & Female

  • Best CNF Newcomer Male & Female

National Record Achievement (Open Category)

Lucky draw for all-white-cards (Open Category)


Lucky draw for non-Filipino athletes (Open Category)


Competition Format

The competition will be an AIDA Philippines sanctioned competition, registered with AIDA International, and run under AIDA rules. There will be two competition days. Overall standings will be determined by adding points from each discipline. The maximum depth for the competition is 120m.


Athletes may choose to do any depth discipline on any day, and therefore may choose to do one discipline more than once, however, only the best result in a given discipline will count towards the athlete’s overall points tally. 


Points will be allocated as 1 point per meter of depth for CWT and FIM, 1.15 points for CWTB and 1.25 points for CNF, less any penalties. The men’s and women’s overall champions will be the Filipino male and Filipino female athletes, respectively, with the greatest number of points. While the best discipline awards will be open to all nationalities.


Opening Ceremony

All competing athletes must be present in the pre-competition briefing at Linaw Beach Resort. It will take place on May 17th at 2:00PM at the Kasadya Function Hall. Please bring the following:

  • Your passport

  • Your lanyard for CWT, CWTB, FIM and CNF

  • Your AIDA Medical Statement signed and dated by a medical doctor. It may not be older than one year, and an athlete may not sign their own certificate. Furthermore, the contact details of the doctor must be present on the form. The AIDA Medical form may be downloaded HERE.


For athletes who do not have a medical statement, there will be a doctor present who will issue a medical form for a fee of PHP1,000 from 3:00-3:30PM.


Athletes must bring their lanyards to the pre-competition briefing for inspection and testing by the judges. Athletes must use an AIDA compliant lanyard in all competition dives and pre-competition training.


Freedivers of all levels are welcome to compete. The only prerequisites are you need to be in good health and present the AIDA Medical Statement signed and dated by a medical doctor. The number of athletes is limited to 25 Filipino and 15 non-Filipino. All Filipino athletes must have an active AIDA Philippines membership and AIDA International athlete profile in order to participate.



The cost for the competition is PHP7,500 for Filipino and USD200 for non-Filipino. This includes:

  • Entry to the Philippine Depth National Championship 2019

  • AIDA International fees and entry into the AIDA ranking system

  • Boat transport to/from competition area


Competition fees do not include:

  • Transport to/from Bohol

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Medical and evacuation insurance or expenses

  • Pre-competition training


The competition is open to athletes who are 18 years and older. Athletes who are below 18 years old may compete with parental consent. Athletes must obtain their own medical and evacuation insurance.


After registration you will receive an invitation to pay the competition fee to reserve your slot. If we do not receive the payment until the end of January 2019 your registration will expire, and we will give priority to the next athlete on the waiting list. If you have paid but not able to join, we will refund the full amount if the cancellation is done before the end of March 2019.


Waiting List

Once the registration is full, we will create a waiting list for any additional inquiries. If the registered participant cancelled, we will give priority to the next Filipino athlete on the waiting list.



Safety is our top priority. We want to organize an event that is fun and relaxed but at the same time safe and professional. Here are some of our safety guidelines:

  • Athletes should be at least an AIDA 2 Freediver or equivalent to any certification. We require each athletes to provide a proof of certification/education participation equal to AIDA 2 Freediver.

  • Announcements in each discipline are limited to not more than 5m of the athlete’s personal best in training. Athletes will be required to certify their maximum depth in competition or training for each discipline in the prior three months.

  • A group of Instructors level Safety Freedivers will provide safety at the appropriate depth for every diver.

  • Deep Safety with a DPV (scooter) will be used by the chief safety freediver to gain more safety and confidence for all the divers.

  • Every dive will be monitored from the surface by our depth sonar.

  • Our highly effective counterweight system gives us the possibility to retrieve divers within very short amount of time.

  • Competition doctors and nurses will be on standby for every diver.

  • Athletes who experience lung or trachea squeeze or a blackout below the surface with safety divers assisting the athlete to the surface will not be allowed to compete on any of the remaining days of the event. Surface LMC and Blackout will be evaluated by the medical team and the jury will decide if the athlete will be allowed to continue to compete.

  • Athlete who had a blackout during their warm up, will not be allowed to compete on that day. As it is stated in the AIDA Regulation, any athletes who had a black out during his/her performance have to stop diving for the rest of the day.

  • Athlete who had blackout will not be able to win. It is possible that athlete who has a red card in one of his/her performances still have a higher total score compare to his/her competitors and still able to win the competition. However, if the red card was given because the athlete suffered a blackout, he/she will lose the chance to win the competition. We would like to promote safe behavior and thus decided that winning athletes should be those who prioritize on safety.


In the unlikely event of any diver needing additional care in a hospital we have a dedicated rescue speedboat and cars on standby that can reach the nearest clinic within 20min.


The medical team, judges and organizers have the right to refuse the start of any athlete if diving would pose an obvious risk to the diver's health.


Water Conditions

May and June are usually the best months for Freediving in the Philippines. Very little to no wind will make for nice surface conditions. The water temperature will be 29- 30 degrees on the surface. This temperature stays constant until a depth of around 50m. Below that the temperature usually drops by not more than one degree. Below 90m the temperature is usually not less 26 degrees. The expected visibility is around 25- 30m. We try our best to schedule the dives during times with least current.

Closing Ceremony

At the last day of the competition we will publish the unofficial results earlier so everyone can have a chance to protest before the award ceremony which will start around 6:00PM. The award ceremony and closing party will be held at the Bamboo Place in Alona.

We hope this information is helpful, please contact us if you have any further questions!


We wish everyone successful training and hope to see you in May!

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